Monday, 17 October 2016

Migration between two Office 365 tenants

In the era of cloud solutions, soon or later we will face the challenge of connecting two of them together. Merges and acquisitions of companies which possess separate cloud IT infrastructure needs to be joined, unified and also simplified if possible.
Using experience after few successful migrations, I will try to explain here the most important things to consider in similar projects, when Office356 is involved.
This is not step by step instruction – only lessons learned from the migration field.
At the beginning - things which appears every time you plan a change in the organization.

Determine customer expectations and goals

The most important thing, which – when chasing for time and money some people forget - the success of the project depends on the fulfilment of customer expectations. Dot.

More you can read at the Gooroo site:

Friday, 4 March 2016

550 5.2.3 RESOLVER.RST.SendSizeLimit.Org; message too large for this organization

Did you encounter a problem when you are trying to set message size in the organization, but still get the 550 5.2.3 error?
This is tricky, because on the transport level you need to set the same for both - Receive i Send size.

Set-TransportConfig  -MaxReceiveSize 50MB -MaxSendSize 50MB