Friday 5 September 2014

Office365: Limiting access to Office 365 using ADFS

If you need to restrict access to Office365 for users outside your company at all or just for group of them then you need to use ADFS servers.

When you have set them properly and you can be authenticated by ADFS, then you can configure ADFS claims to restrict the Office 365 access.

First, I've tried use the solution provided in this link:

But, this not work in my environment.

I've been looking for article below, but can't find it as "limiting access".
Then when asked Microsoft they give me the right link.

Here is the right link:

Office365: Add new licence / subscription key to the tenant


Today easy and short tip, but you could wander around for hours searching this:
When you have bought new licences you can easily add key to the subscription.

Go to the Volume Licencing Center at:
(If you have not logged in earlier here you need to register with e-mail account provided with licence order)

Get (copy) your subscription key from the license.

Next go to this link:
and paste the key.

That's all!

If you have used trial licences you'll have to change your user's licences from trials to the new one.